Happy New Year and a Cautionary Tale from Dick Cavett

Happy New Year.  Funny enough, I passed it pretty much sober as I was DJ’ing a New Year’s Eve Party at the Andaz Hotel in LA and did NOT want to be anything but fresh and clean for my 3AM drive home.   I know I joke about the rights vs. privileges of drinking (and am known to have had a drink myself), but am serious about looking at the other side of the coin.  I have known people and have had friends who over-imbibe and some with real problems, and some who have beaten them.  But today I’m just going to post a link (I don’t think I am allowed to embed it) of an op-ed by Dick Cavett about this subject, which expressed this concern more gently, gently humorously and pointedly than I can.  So, go read this, and we’ll see you back here after Sundance.



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