Spirits Ads on TV by Arthur Shapiro

Spirits Ads on TV by Arthur Shapiro

Today, I am giving over Killer Hooch to my old friend and client Arthur Shapiro, who writes a much more real beverage blog than this one called Booze Business.  Arthur, while head of marketing at Seagram, famously “broke” the voluntary ban on spirit advertising with Crown Royal.  As a member of the Absolut team (also a Seagram brand at the time), we were pretty jealous!  Here’s his story from Spiritz, the Indian spirits magazine. I tried to convert it to plain text here, not nearly as nice as it looks in the magazine, so I just gave up and instead refer you to the source:

It’s an amazing tale of a sea change in the industry, written by the guy that made it happen.  Spoiler alert!  it’s meaty. 

More original content to come and thanks for reading!


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