Welcome to Killer Hooch!

Happy Holidays!  I’ve signed up for this blog and hope to link it to the web site Killerhooch.com, which I was lucky as heck to obtain.  Killer Hooch used to be an irreverent look at the spirits (not the spirit) world, and I hope to continue that tradition.  Here, I am going to post various items and stories from the drinks world.

Why? I’m grateful for the opportunity to enjoy spirits, wine, beverages of all sorts.  They provide pleasure on many levels–flavor, aroma, mouth feel, bite, finish, all that.  As for inspiration I look to my late father, who once told this story: when he turned 80, his cousin Bill Musser suggested he square himself with God and strengthen his ties to the Mennonite Church.  My dad replied, “Bill, if you told me I could live ten years longer if I stopped drinking and smiling, I’d have to take a pass on that.”  My dad made it eight very happy, fulfilled years longer, but lamenting close to the end of his life that he felt pain “that even a martini just couldn’t assuage” and I think Bill Musser is still with us, a pretty pinched, dour guy.  Who would you rather be?  The consumption of alcohol is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked at any time.

Stop back by for some posts soon, because it’s the holidays and I think I will be sampling some beverages then!




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